Psh. cochleata in Cultivation by Members

Found 17 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Carrie Buchman Psh. cochleata 'Black Jack' Specimen plant in a 12" wood basket lined with coir and filled with chunky bark.
Clint Dalrymple Psh. cochleata Repotme cattleya, slot pot in a larger terra cotta pot with 1cm space on each side for humidity
Günther Eilers Psh. cochleata National flower of Belize
Henry Shaw Psh. cochleata
Jeanne Uzar Hudson E. cochleata 'Seibels'
Jeanne Uzar Hudson E. cochleata 'Seibels'
Mark Langdon Epi. cochleatum
Mark Schuyler E. cochleata
Mary Lane Psh. cochleata Hangs under a tree with eastern exposure
Michael J Clifford Psh. cochleata Semuc Champey, Guatemala; La Union Barrios, Guatemala
Nate La Breche Psh. cochleata Seedling. Bright light. Growing in Rand's Aircone Pot with fine bark and perlite.
Phạm Thanh Hải Psh. cochleata
R .Benson E. cochleata
Renee Hawes E. cochleata Orchid Bark mix with moss
Roberto Lizama E. cochleata This plant was rescued from the branches of a fallen tree in Peten, Guatemala. It requires very hot and humid temperatures to grow. This is the first flowering after being rescued and growing in a ... Read more This is the Ntational Flower of Belize, it is called “the black orchid” for its intense purple lip.
Steven Kirincich Psh. cochleata 'Pepe x Jules & Elaine'
Tom Kuligowski Psh. cochleata