ANOS - Victorian Group Inc. is a Society located in Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia

Glen Waverley Community Centre
700 Waverley Road
Glen Waverley, Victoria, 3150
ANOS (Victorian Group) Inc. promotes the appreciation, culture, propagation and scientific knowledge of the native orchids of Australasia; encourages the propagation of endangered orchid species of our region; promotes the conservation of the orchids of Australasia in their native habitats; and discourages the destruction of their environment. We hold monthly meeting where members can display their Australasian orchids, listen to learned speakers on various orchid related topics and discuss aspects of orchid culture and conservation. At our meetings orchids can be purchased from members and commercial growers. We also regularly hold visits to orchid growers, field trips and conservation activities. We are a non judging society, so as to encourage a free exchange of ideas and cultivation techniques between members. Meetings: First Friday of the month (Feb-Dec) at 7:30pm