Dafni Greek Gourmet is a Other Vendor located in Saco, ME, United States

Saco, ME
United States
We have a unique small family business where we are the farmers’ and hand-crafters of our Gourmet Specialities. My mother Dafni has an olive grove in Greece from where we ship our own fresh ingredients of olive oil, olives, and wild herbs to Maine for packaging in small batches. In Maine, we combine our farm ingredients with local ingredients – creating truly authentic and rare products. Our product line includes Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Authentic Greek Drizzling Oils (we have three flavors made with our own wild herbs - fresh lemon, balsamic vinegar, or aged red wine vinegar), Kalamata, and Green Olives, cured in our low-sodium brine with our estate olive oil, and wild handpicked Herbs and Medicinal Teas. All of our packaging includes the statement "Handcrafted in Maine." Customers love the story and connection behind our products, as well as how authentic and superior in quality they are compared to other brands found at events. Our business started out in Maine participating at local farmers’ markets, catering to “foodies” and customers who are concerned about quality and where their food comes from. As my mother always says, “From my groves to your table!”