Kazumi Garden is a Other Vendor located in Japan

Kokedama is a Japanese technique that means ball of moss. Kokedamas are potless and the moss holds the humidity longer than a pot. Inside of our moss there's soil, Japanese substrates and organic vitamins. So, all you have to worry about is to only submerge the moss in water for 5-15 min every week; 2 weeks; 3 weeks or once a month depending on the plant. You may check on each product description the watering instructions. Also, we'll provide detailed instructions with your order. As our name, Kazumi means beauty and peace in Japanese; it is the core of our work and this is what our kokedamas bring to the world. As a family business, we really care about giving our customers the best quality product. This is why all of our products are handmade and made with care and love by Mercedes. Also, we put all the necessary and original Japanese substrates that a real kokedama needs. In addition, Kazumi Garden offers free support to our clients. Our kokedama specialists will make sure that our customers have the best experience in order to exceed their expectations and have a long-lasting product. And most importantly, it’s our passion to work with plants and this reflects in all of our products.