Lucky Bamboo 4 U Carnivorous Plants is a Other Vendor located in United States

United States
Sheryl Taylor, owner of Lucky Bamboo 4 U, specializes in growing and propagating numerous Carnivorous plants. Her collection includes a unique variety of Tropical Pitcher Plants (Nepenthes), Venus fly traps, Sundews and Sarracenia. These collections of plants are a great complement to your orchids as well as any home garden environment. The plants eat bugs and help make for a healthy and bug free environment. She also offers an array of other hard to find unique exotic tropical plants. The plants are from her registered and inspected nursery and are free from pests. Sheryl’s passion for carnivorous plants is well evidenced by her introduction of the pitcher plants to South Florida more than 10 years ago. Sheryl is a certified Florida Master Gardener and is available at the Yellow Green Farmers Market. She also offer her carnivorous plants as a regular vendor at numerous South Florida Plant and Botanical Garden shows.