Napa Valley Orchid Society

9 26 2019 6 11 04 pm
Napa Valley Senior Center
1500 Jefferson Street
Napa, CA
United States
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Meetings take place on the second Friday of the Month. Meetings start at 7:00pm with announcements followed by the feature presentation. The Society has a "Plant Doctor" and he is available for consultations starting at 6:30pm. The feature presentation consists of a lecture followed by a Q&A session, demonstrations or slide shows and typically last about 1 hour. A refreshment break follows the presentation to allow for socializing among members. Members are encouraged to bring orchids in bloom for "Show and Tell". Top three orchids are warded points for the annual Mel Dittmer Award. The Opportunity Table brings the general meeting to a close. All proceeds go to the general fund of the Society. During meetings, members will bring in orchids for sale, and the Society offers orchid related supplies.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Napa Valley Orchid Society 26th Annual Show and Sale "Explosion of Orchids"

Napa Valley Orchid Society 26th Annual Show and Sale "Explosion of Orchids" is being held October 5 - 6, 2019 at the Las Flores Community Center, 4300 Linda Vista Avenue, Napa, CA. For more info call 707-738-4128, details: There will not be AOS judging at this event.

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