Wade's Orchids is a Plant Vendor located in Middleburg, PA , United States

4 West Raleigh Ave.
Middleburg, PA , 17842
United States
Wade Hollenbach has been growing orchids since 1978. Wade says, "I've been growing orchids since 1978. I am a member of the Central Pennsylvania Orchid Society, Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania, and the American Orchid Society. I am growing in a 21' X 24' greenhouse. I sell orchids to help pay the fuel bills for the greenhouse. I also sell orchids because I enjoy purchasing flasks and community pots that I feel have very good potential in some way. I am beginning a breeding program with Encyclias and the Cattleya alliance. I also have a goal of providing healthy plants to others at reasonable prices. I have fond memories of days long gone where it was inexpensive to invest in new directions in breeding and growing the seedlings on anticipating becoming the first person to see the flower of this unique orchid. I hope to bring that format back to you, the orchid grower."