Brassocattleya hybrid?

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by Sandi Block-Brezner

Need help in identifying this plant. The tag says it is Rhyncovola Jimminey Cricket (B.nodosa x Rl. digbyana) but clearly that is not the case, though I do believe it is a nodosa hybrid. Any ideas?

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  1. Sys Admin
    4 months ago
    Wrong primary hybrid LOL. That is Brassocattleya Bessho (Cattleya tenebrosa x Brassavola nodosa).
    1. Sandi Block-Brezner
      3 months ago
      Not Bc. Bessho...
  2. Sandi Block-Brezner
    4 months ago
    Thanks, I did contact Alan 1st. He didn't know either. :(
  3. Julie Ellner
    4 months ago
    It is a brassocattleya of some persuasion. The person to ask is Allen Black, who is an expert on brasso hybrids. If anyone can identify it, it's him.

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