Cymbidiums not blooming

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by Jackie Hartter


I have  two cymbidium orchids.  I actually bought one plant  (September 2018) but it got too big for the pot so I split it November 2019.  One pot has five bulbs and the other has six.  When I bought the original plant it was in bloom, and  I have never had it rebloom since.  I have them outside where they get morning sun.  I water when they seem dry (maybe every three to four days average) and feed about one time a week with half strength 20-20-20 fertilizer.  They both made new shoots and are forming into new  bulbs over the last couple of months.  Does anyone know why I am not having any luck getting them to rebloom?  I live in St. Petersburg, Florida area and would appreciate any input.  Thanks so much.

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  1. Tien Pham
    about 1 year ago
    Need to have temperature gap as large as possible. I leave mine outdoor and try avoiding frosting. tp
  2. Edward Zapata
    about 1 year ago
    Orchids don't bloom for many reasons. Not enough light, too much nitrogen, insects, root damage, not getting the proper cool period too initiate spikes. I will tell you what I do to get my plants spiking. Repot every 2 yrs. Bark gets old and muddy and will damage roots. First part of the year high nitrogen fertilizer. Big plants 30-10-10, medium small plants 20-20-20 every 2-3 weeks, ( they have some low dose fertilizer pellets too applied after blooming). Water thoroughly only when almost dry early AM. Try not to water into new growths or they might rot. 2nd half of the year start to give high bloom fertilizer to mature plants, not to small plants. They are outside all year long under shade cloth about 50-60%. I monitor for insects almost daily. Toss snail/slug bait under benches, spray for scaly off and on. Questions? Ed
  3. Jackie Hartter
    about 1 year ago
    Oh, forgot to tell you the orchid is Peter Fire Torch.

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