help with Clowesia Grace Dunn Chadd Ford Mericlone

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by loan le

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please guide me how to growth Clowesia Grace Dunn Chadd Ford Mericlone, which the best temparature for them, watering and fertilize?

Thanks for your time.

Kindly Regards,


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  1. loan le
    9 months ago
    Hello Carol Holdren, Billion thanks for your time and help. Have a nice weekend. God bless you all. Regards, Loan
  2. Carol Holdren
    9 months ago
    Hello Loan, That is a great plant, the name is actually Cl Grace Dunn ‘Chadds Ford’ and it was made by mericlone. The was one awarded in the US that had 8 inflorescences with 70 flowers. The plant is made up of 2 orchids, Cl warczewitzii and Cl rosea. It wants to be warm, above 60 F at night with bright light in the daytime.Strong air movement. It likes 40-60% humidity. Grow in pots in spahnum moss. Fertilize with dilute fertilizer. Google culture conditions for the two parents. They need to dry out in winter with only enough water given to keep the pseudo bulbs from shriveling. More plants are lost from overwatering in winter than any other cause. Fertilizer should be eliminated during the rest period. Growers report that normal watering and fertilizing should be resumed only when new growth is well under way in spring and new roots are 2-4 cm long. This is according to Orchid Wiz but I have a Cl rosea in South Florida and it does well. I do not let water get on the new growth until the plant is well on its way growing. You can also look up both parents at Good luck! Carol Holdren,

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