How do I get my orchid ID?

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  1. Carol Holdren
    11 days ago
    There are two software programs I use, Orchid Wiz and the AOS Orchid Pro, and then there are various experts. If the orchid has an award there will be photos of it. Orchid Wiz also has thousands of photos of unawarded plants as well as ways to search for orchids needing ID. If you know one of the parents or part of the name you can do a search with that information. Carol
  2. Carol Holdren
    11 days ago
    Hi Gibson, You take a photo of the plant in bloom, figure out what you know about it, what genus, who you bought it from etc. and do some detective work. If the orchid is a species, you should be able to find the name, if it is a hybrid, that is more of a challenge. Some hybrids are very popular but most are difficult to be sure of the name. I’ll be happy to help you. Carol

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