looking for info about an unregistered cattleya

Cattleya Alliance

by bob lewis

...good afternoon to neighbor grows some orchids...i doubt he knows the name of a single one except the few i've handed him over the fence...he has now returned the favor after several of my "no thank you's" looked good coming over the fence and had a name tag...i win, right?...sad now as i find it's not registered and i can't find a reference on the internet...


...anyone ever seen or heard of this plant?...Cattleya Golden Helton 'Kudos'...i divided it and repotted...i'm growing it indoors and have a very nice new growth on one division...

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    Alex Maximiano
    3 months ago
    There was an Rlc. Golden Ellen registered in 2014 by Resella Orchids. The name sounds similar. Could you post a photo?
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      Alex Maximiano
      3 months ago
      Rosella Orchids
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    Alex Maximiano
    3 months ago
    That's a hard one. The cultivar name "Kudos" comes from Kudos Orchids in Taiwan (Victor Yu). They were in business in 2010, I don't know if it is still the case. "Golden" is too common a name. There are five cattleyas with "Helton" in the name, but none registered in the last 30 years.

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