Mediocalcar decoratum (Candy corn orchid) help

Orchid Doctor

by Jason heeres

We purchased this orchid and it was doing very well for a few months. It was starting to flower to. But, before the flowers fully developed, they all dropped and then half the plant browned up. It started bouncing back and is now turning in the wrong direction again. What is green looks really healthy and the brown parts still have green under the brown. Can it be saved?

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  1. Carol Holdren
    over 1 year ago
    Hi Jason, I love this plant but mine did now survive. It is probably too warm in South Florida and this likes cool to warm conditions, 58F to 75F at night. It is from New Guinea at 900 - 2500m. The plant likes filtered or diffused light and should not be exposed to direct midday sun. Strong air movement at all times. Cultivated plants should be watered heavily while actively growing, but aeration and drainage must be excellent, which means conditions around the roots must not be stale or soggy. Water can be reduced somewhat in late autumn. Fertilize weekly, 1/4 strength while actively growing. Plants should never dry out completely. Fertilizer should be reduced if water is reduced or plant is not actively growing. Plants should be potted in a mix of open bark and gravel in a small, squat pot. Also medium sized fir bak or shredded tree fern fiber with chunky perlite. If you add chopped sphagnum that will help maintain moisture. Hope this helps, Carol

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