Mildred wieland

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by Holly Slimak

My grandfather made this hybrid and named it after my grandmother. Is there a way to order seeds so I can try to grow it?
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  1. Carol Holdren
    10 months ago
    Hi Holly, Catyclia Mildred Wieland, was previously called Epicattleya (Epc.) Mildred Wieland, is a cross between Encyclia plicata x Cattleya bicolor. The cross was made in 1962 and I don’t see where it was ever awarded. You can purchase each of the species, E plicata and C bicolor and make the cross yourself. Then you have have the seeds put into flasks (they have to be in a special media) or when the pod turns brown and breaks open, you can sprinkle the seeds on the media that the parent plants are in. If you email me,[email protected], I can give you contact information on where you can get the parent plants or maybe a grower who will do it for you. Carol

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