Myrmecatavola Frances Fox

Orchid Doctor

by Elizabeth Wagner

Is this brown scarring on the underside of the leaf a concern for my new Frances Fox? I bought it from a local orchid importer/grower as a bare root several weeks ago. She is otherwise seemingly healthy and spiking.

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  1. Taylor Savage
    5 months ago
    Sunburn. FYI and it may not bother you or affect the plant for many years, however...I bought a Francis Fox from an importer up here and found it was virused. We tested ten more of the same plants at an orchid show a few weeks later..all virused. Such a shame cuz I WANT THAT PLANT SO BAD. tjs
  2. Carol Holdren
    5 months ago
    Hi Elizabeth, That looks like sunburn to me. Could the plant have been in the sun while it was on display? Carol

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