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I have a cymbidium labelled tethys black magic x hellfire desert rose. Any idea what its name would be?
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  1. Carol Holdren
    17 days ago
    So this could be an unnamed cross: (Cym. Tethys ‘Black Magic’ x Cym Hellfire ‘Desert Rose’) would be my guess for the name until it is registered.
  2. Carol Holdren
    19 days ago
    Hi Ethel, there is a terrific software program, Orchid Wiz, and in it I see there is a Cym. Tethys so Black Magic is probably a clone which would make it Cym Tethys ‘Black Magic’. Under Cym. Hellfire, there is one which has 3 progeny none of which is close to Cym Tethys. You might want to check with a Cymbidium expert.

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