Orchid roots .com site?

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by Mary Lane

Does anyone know what happened to Blue Nanta or orchidroots.com. Every time I tried to log in over the past week I got a 

"502 Bad Gateway" notice. I hope this site has not disappeared. 

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  1. Stefan Neher
    4 days ago
    They had an attack, which disallowed any new traffic to enter. Even though the site is up, I've noticed some functionality issues still. Old links don't seem to work and uploaded photos keep coming up with error.
  2. William Gorski
    27 days ago
    The Orchidroots.com site is back up and appears to have some major changes. Looks good!
  3. Melvin Waki
    29 days ago
    Same question here. Any update on what has happened to both sites?

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