Hello All,

I'm new here and looking for some support with my:

Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'Black Diamond' x Paph. rothsuhildianum 'New Balace'

I picked this up from a reputable vendor in my town two weeks ago. It was a healthy looking plant and flowering, although the flowers seemed to be toward the end of their cycle. Approx. five days ago it had a sudden onset of yellowing leaves with accompanying brown spots (see photo). Two of four leaves quickly turned and I believe a third is on its way. When I purchased the orchid all leaves appeared a clean true green. 

For watering, I've kept it moist but not saturated. For light, it's been on a shelf with good all day light, but no direct sunlight at all. For temp, I'm in central california, so moderate through the day (70's) and cooler in the night (60's).

I'm wondering if this is fungal? I've never had an orchid take a turn this fast.

Thank you kindly,


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  1. Jeanne Uzar Hudson
    8 months ago
    Are the leaves getting wet when you water?
  2. Carol Holdren
    9 months ago
    And they also recommended Sue Bottoms articles posted on the Saint Augustine Orchid Society web site. That was the link I gave.
  3. Carol Holdren
    9 months ago
    So here are what the Paph experts said, “ Fungal or bacterial.... This explains the different kinds really well. Add more air!” And, “if it smells bad it is bacterial”
  4. Carol Holdren
    9 months ago
    https://staugorchidsociety.org/PDF/BacterialBrownSpotbySueBottom.pdf Nick. Check out this article from Sue Bottom. I sent your Paph photo to some growers asking what they thought. Carol

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