Phragmipedium Cape Sunset or Eric Young?

Paph Alliance

by Darrin Duling

This recently acquired plant in our collections is labeled P. Cape Sunset 'Mont Millais' but the flower is a dead ringer for P. Eric Young, with virtually nothing resembling P. schlimii. I think we have a wrong label - any input is welcome. 

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  1. Robert H. Findlay
    20 days ago
    You can compare photos of the two crosses are (there are plenty of Eric Young photos on line but fewer of Cape Sunset - I couldn't find any of 'Mont Milais'). It does look more like an Eric Young than a Cape Sunset but I wouldn't say "dead ringer" for Eric Young. That said there is a good bit of variation among individual Eric Youngs in color, petal length and petal angle.

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