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by Robert Scully

Hi.  I am new to this site and actually new to orchids.  I started collecting orchids about 1 year ago.  While checking on some plants I came across a plant that I am trying to locate to purchase.  Plant is a hybrid created by Jone & Scully a little over 30 years ago in Miami,.  Jone & Scully are no longer with us so my searech begins.  The name of the orchis is Brassolaelioicattleya Memoria Robert Scully.  I think you can see the obvious reason I wasninterestred in this particular hybrid.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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    Carol Holdren
    2 months ago
    Hi Robert, When looking for a particular orchid I use Orchid Wiz to see who has had it awarded, and unfortunately this plant is not awarded, or who has made hybrids with the plant. There was a hybrid made with the plant in 2017 with no originator listed by it was registered by Koichi Koyama. Another source would be to ask on Florida Orchid Growers or Cattleya growers. And you could have the plant remade. Good luck, Carol Holdren

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