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by George Su

Hi Folks.

I'm new here, I noticed this doesn't include the intergeneric that I create which is named after me. It's known as Suara. It consists of Encyclia x Guarianthe x Caularthron x Laelia x Cattleya. I named the orchid after my spouse. How do I go about getting my intergeneric added to the site?



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  1. Stefan Neher
    6 months ago
    I second that! I would love to grow this beauty!
  2. Mary Lane
    6 months ago
    Your orchid is a beauty! Where can I order one?
    1. George Su
      3 months ago
      Currently, I am waiting for it to be large enough to mericlone it. I do have another Suara hybrid I'm working on that currently is being flashed. Sunset Valley Orchids and a couple other commercial growers have those flasks reserved, so hopefully within the next few years they will become available. I'm busy creating more Suara hybrid now.
  3. Carol Holdren
    6 months ago
    Hi George, It will be on our list soon. We are in the process of updating our registration lists. Thanks, Carol

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