Z. Redvale Jasmyn

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by Shaun Bloodworth


My father bred an orchid Z. Redvale Jasmyn and was named after my daughter.

i was hoping someone may have a piece that I can purchase.

Thanks in advance.

Shaun Bloodworth

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  1. Carol Holdren
    over 1 year ago
    Hi Shaun, I saw your request and, after checking out Orchid Wiz, I see that Z. Redvale ‘Jasmine’ was awarded to your dad in 2000. The cross is Z. Titanic x Z. Arthur Elle which makes Z. Redvale. ‘Jasmine’ is a clonal name which identifies that particular clone. The Z. Redvale cross gives us plants with different qualities, like siblings, and ‘Jasmine’ was probably a superior clone chosen out of many plants. The awards show Z. Redvale is being grown and used for breeding in South America. The latest activity I see is by Orquideas Eva. Their email is [email protected] I see some Zygo’s on their sales page but not Redvale. And I see Ecuagenera.com has a Z. Zr10 Redvale Pretty Ann listed for sale? That plant name is not in the records so I have to wonder if it isn’t Z. Redvale? I believe Ecuagenera comes to Europe - you might check them too. Hope that helps. Carol - Volunteer at Orchids.org

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