Orchid Genus Brassocattleya

Brassavola x Cattleya

Grexes of Genus Brassocattleya Most Popular in Cultivation

55097 55584 54520 86094 202471 55107 97238 55122 6470 54782 40925 117445 67705 191377 97263
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Bc Albion Thorntonii x trianae Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc araguaiensis Species Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc Ballantineana trianae x warscewiczii Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc Bill Worsley nodosa x aurantiaca Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc Binosa nodosa x bicolor Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc Breaker's Reach Mount Hood x Mount Rainier Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc Cliftonii Digbyano-mossiae x trianae Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc Cynthia digbyana x walkeriana Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc Daffodil glauca x aurantiaca Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc Dal's Charm Island Charm x Memoria Jerome Shultz Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc Déesse Ferrières x Lamartine Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc Dietrichiana Mrs. J. Leemann x Fabia (1894) Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc Digbyano-mossiae digbyana x mossiae Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc Digbyano-Schroderae digbyana x schroederae Brassocattleya
Add+ Bc Digbyano-Trianae digbyana x trianae Brassocattleya

Grexes of Genus Brassocattleya by First Letter of Name

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