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Ralph Vincent Badenas Curiosity Orchid Species in the Philippines

Greetings everyone! There is a certain specie of orchi...

3 days ago.
Burt Holstein Cymbidiums Error in plant origination

I was looking up information regarding a very special ...

11 days ago.
loan le General Discussion help with Clowesia Grace Dunn Chadd Ford Mericlone

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please guide me how to ...

12 days ago.
Jason heeres Orchid Doctor Mediocalcar decoratum (Candy corn orchid) help

We purchased this orchid and it was doing very well fo...

14 days ago.
GIBSON PWASHIKAI General Discussion How do I get my orchid ID? 17 days ago.
Polly baker General Discussion Purchase orchid

Can you purchase any of raymond burr's orchid...

28 days ago.
Shaun Bloodworth General Discussion Z. Redvale Jasmyn


My father bred an orchid Z. Re...

about 1 month ago.
Kelly Longley General Discussion fredclarkeara kelly longley

fredclarkeara kelly longley was named after me in...

3 months ago.
Harriet Schiele General Discussion Chloraea Magellanica

Would like to find this orchid.  Cannot find.&nbs...

3 months ago.
Marcia Whitmore General Discussion Find Zygoneria Adelaide Meadows

I'm looking for a plant of Zygoneria Adelaide Mead...

3 months ago.
Roberto Lizama General Discussion Help to identify this Spiranthes from Guatemala 4 months ago.
Linda Francis General Discussion Plant

Im looking for a C.Chocolate Drop "Kodama". ...

5 months ago.
Mark Kaczynski General Discussion Looking for Dendrobium Jac-Hawaii 'Uniwai Pearl'

I have been ...

6 months ago.
Angela Baxter Cattleya Alliance Catt. walkeriana

I am trying to find a Catt. walkeriana to mount o...

6 months ago.
Luis Imatani General Discussion RLC/ LC Large flowered hybrids


Hello Members,


6 months ago.
Bill Overton General Discussion Phrag. Panther Run

I was just wondering if anyone has grown or is growing...

7 months ago.
William Gorski Species Orchid Species: Vanda falcata h.v. Ryunotsume

What does the h.v. stand for and what is the definitio...

7 months ago.
Stefan Neher Site Navigation Stale Data

I'm curious how often the site's data is updat...

8 months ago.
Penny Edwards Phalaenopsis diseases

I acquired a bunch of orchids and I am learning--slowl...

8 months ago.
Penny Edwards Phalaenopsis diseases

I acquired a bunch of orchids and I am learning--slowl...

8 months ago.
peter teller General Discussion please help with an id..... 8 months ago.
Roberto Lizama Species Help to ID this Epidendrum from Guatemala

This is an Epidendrum from Guatemala. Please help to i...

8 months ago.
Dana Coyle General Discussion Photo of MaryAnn Coyle or Laura Ann Coyle

Hello! I am hoping someone might have a photo or two o...

9 months ago.
Robert H. Findlay General Discussion seed vs. pollen parent

In naming a cross does seed vs. pollen parent mat...

9 months ago.
Roberto Lizama General Discussion Help to ID

Please help to identify this Stellis from Guatemala. T...

9 months ago.
Roberto Lizama Species Please help to ID

Please your help to identify this Epidendrum from Guat...

9 months ago.
Diana King General Discussion Compact DEN SUPERBUM ORCHID MINEATURE

I have had this compact DEN SUPERBUM ORCHID 4 or5 year...

9 months ago.


9 months ago.
Catherine Chance General Discussion Searching for Erycina echinata

Desperately trying to locate Erycina echinata...

10 months ago.
Conni Wireman General Discussion Don't we meet in person in Kalamazoo, MI anymore?

Hi!  I never receive any contact from anyone in t...

10 months ago.
gabor csiha General Discussion orchids not growing roots

Long time orchid grower, moved to Vancouver Island (ra...

10 months ago.
Gail Santini General Discussion Help ID this yellow phal.

Can anyone ID this Phal - yellow with a few red spots....

11 months ago.
Debra Johnson General Discussion Cattleya Alliance Members

Is there a list of all the Cattleya Allaince orchids? ...

12 months ago.
Key Stage General Discussion Paph Harry Stage

Does anyone know of a source for Paph Harry Stage?&nbs...

12 months ago.
Chris Tyrie General Discussion Plants for sale

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any for sal...

about 1 year ago.
Peter Collis General Discussion Parentage of Vandachostylis Conference Gold

How do you use your web site to inquire about lineage ...

about 1 year ago.
Fritz wilke General Discussion This is the plant

The plant.

about 1 year ago.
Fritz wilke General Discussion What kind is this

Trying again .

bought at the pacific orchid ...

about 1 year ago.
Fritz wilke General Discussion What kind of orchid is this?

What kind of orchid is this?


about 1 year ago.
Robert Stagner General Discussion cattleya mossiae Willowbrook

Searching for Cattleya mossiae Willowbrook for sale.&n...

about 1 year ago.