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20180723 201240 James Bixler General Discussion Eulophia andamanenis

Just a note out to all:  My Eulophia andamanenis ...

8 days ago.
Jackie Hartter General Discussion Oncidium cheirophorum

Just purchased a Oncidium Cheirophorum.  It is my...

15 days ago.
20180723 201240 James Bixler Beginners Another blooming "Unknown"

Hi, you wonderful folks helped me ID my Zygopetalum ma...

29 days ago.
John Small General Discussion Fungal attack

I took a Pot. Love Triangle to the Mounts Thursday and...

30 days ago.
Picture 1 Michael Pye OrchidWiz OrchidWiz

In OrchidWiz, if I have am unregistered cross in my My...

about 1 month ago.
bob lewis Cattleya Alliance looking for info about an unregistered cattleya

...good afternoon to neighbor grows some orch...

about 1 month ago.
jamie m phillips Vandaceous VANDA IDENTIFYING BY TAG TLM812 V. LEGACY BLACK


about 1 month ago.
Harry Dillberger General Discussion Orchid cattleya? But genus and species name?

Good evening, please identify this beutiful orchid for...

about 2 months ago.
John Marmaro Scientific Greenfly Orchid: the name game [taxonomy]

The long-standing name of the "Greenfly Orchid&qu...

about 2 months ago.
Jackie Hartter General Discussion Zygopetalum Orchid

Do I cut the flower stalk off after flowers drop right...

about 2 months ago.
Bruce M Gelman General Discussion Arachnis species

Can anyone tell me where to source the members of this...

2 months ago.
Kevin Fernandez General Discussion Den. Keikis

I puchased this Den.Kingianum about 2 months ago and h...

2 months ago.
Kevin Fernandez General Discussion Vandachostylis Prapawan I have had this plant for at least 2 years and seems heal... 2 months ago.
Holly Slimak General Discussion Mildred wieland My grandfather made this hybrid and named it after my gra... 2 months ago.
Ashley Gardner General Discussion Vanda David Gardner 'Ashley"


I am the daughter of Dr. David Gardne...

2 months ago.
Jamaal Hooker General Discussion Endemic orchids in Puerto Rico

Does anyone have a list of the endemic orchids in Puer...

2 months ago.
Michael Heffernan General Discussion Ruby Eyes ‘Tetra Baron’


was just wondering if anyone would have a...

3 months ago.
Kevin Fernandez Vandaceous Unknow orchid

I'm still very new to this site and I hope that i...

3 months ago.
Kevin Fernandez General Discussion Yellow leaves

I would like to say hel...

3 months ago.
Karen Kaye General Discussion details for care. Food, fan location etc 4 months ago.
2016 11 03 Jeanne M Uzar General Discussion Looking for Plant Identification 4 months ago.
John Small General Discussion One And The Same?

Are Epilc. Golden Sunburst and Eny. Golden Sunburst on...

4 months ago.
Ashley Matherne Cattleya Alliance orchid search

I am trying to lociate someone who may have Cattleya L...

4 months ago.
Elizabeth Padilla Dendrobiums Help with ID, Please & Than You!

ID help, please. 

I received this beaut...

4 months ago.
Moises Viana General Discussion I need help identifying this orchid 5 months ago.
Polina Alexander Phalaenopsis Anyone has Happy Valentine for sale or trade?

Hello, I am trying to get this type for a long time an...

5 months ago.
Gabriel Simões General Discussion I need help identifying this plant

I'm guessing it could be a 


How do I get my Orchid Number?

7 months ago.
shirleen trabeaux General Discussion Epidendrium Costa Rica

Where can I buy an Epidendrum Costa Rica?  Prefer...

8 months ago.
William Schinella General Discussion I want to know how to name this plant

I think it might be a Catelaya Hibrid but I am not sur...

8 months ago.
John Marmaro Cattleya Alliance Availability of a particular primary hybrid


I have been looking high nd low f...

9 months ago.
Jerri campbell Cattleya Alliance Identify this plant.

Can anyone tell me the name of this cattleya.  It...

9 months ago.
Richard Whyte General Discussion unable to add orchid to my collection


I tried to add an orchid I have and a pho...

10 months ago.
Picture 1 Michael Pye OrchidWiz Labels

I know i have asked this before, but could you please ...

10 months ago.
92f7c225 2490 4d3b 822c 2f4b8f30d6b8 Mary Lane General Discussion Editing a Plant Entry

Is anyone else having difficulty? I can’t get th...

11 months ago.
2c91367f 187d 45dd a008 e7128a3b9468 Frances LaVigne General Discussion Can anyone ID this dendrobium.

This Den. noid has 8 spikes. It had 3-4 of the first b...

11 months ago.
92f7c225 2490 4d3b 822c 2f4b8f30d6b8 Mary Lane General Discussion Add an orchid to my space

The program doesn’t allow me to do this. It is a...

11 months ago.
Milena Radeva Phalaenopsis Orchid name

 Does anyone recognizes this baby and knows ...

12 months ago.
Gilda Gómez General Discussion Dendrobium loddigesii

Hello out there orchid lovers.  Newbie here to th...

12 months ago.