Orchid Genus Epicattleya

Cattleya x Epidendrum

Grexes of Genus Epicattleya Most Popular in Cultivation

52646 6262 194802 116271 152770
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Epc Kyoguchi aurantiaca x incumbens Epicattleya
Add+ Epc Purple Glory adenocaula x violacea Epicattleya
Add+ Epc René Marqués pseudepidendrum x Claesiana Epicattleya
Add+ Epc Siam Jade Penny Kuroda (Penny Kuroda Group) x Vienna Woods Epicattleya
Add+ Epc Vienna Woods guttata x mariae Epicattleya

Grexes of Genus Epicattleya by First Letter of Name

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