Orchid Genus Laeliocattleya

Cattleya x Laelia

Grexes of Genus Laeliocattleya Most Popular in Cultivation

98482 37403 43279 112759 67763 194793 109426 29956 31996 66014 119949 126332 43280 98483 67764
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Lc Adelaide Waltman guttata x Elstead Gem Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Adolph Hecker Porcia x Bonanza (Bracey) Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Ahmad Sheikhi Kittiwake x Memoria Maggie Hood Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Albula Schroderae x Hassallii (1911) Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Alisal Governor Gore x labiata Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Aloha Case Mini Purple x walkeriana Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Amber Glow Derna x Anne Walker Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Amethystella amethystoglossa x anceps Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Amoena anceps x pumila Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Angel Heart Puppy Love x Penny Kuroda (Penny Kuroda Group) Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Angel Love Puppy Love x Angelwalker Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Ann Akagi Puppy Love x nobilior Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Ann Follis granulosa x Ethel Merman Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Aphrodite mendelii x purpurata Laeliocattleya
Add+ Lc Ardentissima Fabia (1894) x Peetersii (1902) Laeliocattleya

Grexes of Genus Laeliocattleya by First Letter of Name

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