Orchid Genus Sophrolaeliocattleya

Cattleya x Laelia x Sophronitis

Grexes of Genus Sophrolaeliocattleya Most Popular in Cultivation

177292 157230 56588 88425 176106 6142 118228 112171 92476 112182 86365 59115 3110 1054 116787
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Slc Angel Eyes Bright Angel x Little Dipper Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc Angel Flare Memoria Jerome Shultz x Bright Angel Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc Anzac Marathon x Dominiana (1899) Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc Barefoot Mailman briegeri x Madge Fordyce Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc Best Friend Drumbeat x Love Tradition Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc Brandywine Anzac (1921) x Lindores Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc Bright Angel Precious Stones x coccinea Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc California Apricot Pacific Sun x coccinea Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc Candy Ball Maricana x coccinea Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc Circle of Life Culminant x coccinea Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc Dal's Buddy Beaufort x Aussie Sunset Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc Dancing Daffodil Precious Stones x Little Hazel Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc Dixie Jewels Madge Fordyce x aclandiae Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc Dizac Dinah x Anzac (1921) Sophrolaeliocattleya
Add+ Slc Dream Cloud Little Dipper x Orpetii Sophrolaeliocattleya

Grexes of Genus Sophrolaeliocattleya by First Letter of Name

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