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MITES, SPIDER: Also Called Red Spider Mites, or Two-spotted Mites They are troublesome on thin-leaved genera such as cymbidiums and cycnoches; they cause fine stippling, white scars, or silvering, of undersides of leaves; on buds and flowers they puncture along the seams where the sepals are folded together; make fine webs to protect their eggs; thrive under warm, dry conditions; frequent syringing advised; color may be red, yellowish, greenish; use Dimite, Malathion, Aramite, Chlorobenzilate, Tedion, Kelthane. N327 0
MITES, SPIDER: On Thin-leaved Plants Cymbidiums, cycnoches, lycastes are susceptible; spray with Pentac at 2 tpg. every six or eight weeks; or, spray with Kelthane 25%WP at 1.5 ttpg. monthly, until clean. A72-1081 0
MITES, SPIDER: Systemic Miticide None is recommended for inside the home; use Kelthane at 1 to 1.5 ttpg. of the wettable powder form, or 1 to 1.5 tpg. of the liquid concentrate carefully; does not harm pets. A73-503 0

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