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SOFT ROT (ERWINIA CAROTOVORA): Control It is infrequent in orchids; shows as wet rot with most offensive odor; cut out diseased parts or destroy the plant or plants and disinfect everything with Clorox or formaldehyde; spray with Physan 20 at 1/2 ttpg. A66-406; AH22; use Bordeaux mixture or one of the newer fungicides. S200 0
SOFT ROT (ERWINIA CAROTOVORA): Destructive of Cattleya Types The bacterium enters through wounds; causes rapid wet rot with offensive odor in succulent tissue, more slowly in hard growth; cut off and destroy; spray with Physan 20 at 1.5 tpg; treat benches with 10% Clorox. BU49 0
SOFT ROT: Erwinia carotovoras Many genera are affected; bacteria enter the plant through wounds causing a wet rot with an offensive odor; it spreads rapidly in the leaves and roots, less so in the rhizomes and pseudobulbs; destroy all infected parts; use Physan ittpg.; if unsuccessful, destroy the plant and disinfect with bleach or formalin. AH86-76 0

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