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Orchid Group Masdevallias, Pleuros

Orchids of Group Masdevallias, Pleuros Most Popular in Cultivation
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Drac gigas Species Dracula
Add+ Drac vampira Species Dracula
Add+ Masd amabilis Species Masdevallia
Add+ Masd Angel Frost veitchiana x strobelii Masdevallia
Add+ Masd angulata Species Masdevallia
Add+ Masd ayabacana Species Masdevallia
Add+ Masd barlaeana Species Masdevallia
Add+ Masd Bella Donna coccinea x datura Masdevallia
Add+ Masd calocodon Species Masdevallia
Add+ Masd caudata Species Masdevallia
Add+ Masd chaparensis Species Masdevallia
Add+ Masd coccinea Species Masdevallia
Add+ Masd constricta Species Masdevallia
Add+ Masd Copper Angel triangularis x veitchiana Masdevallia
Add+ Masd Copperwing veitchiana x decumana Masdevallia
Add+ Masd datura Species Masdevallia
Add+ Masd davisii Species Masdevallia
Add+ Masd Dean Haas Copper Angel x Angel Glow Masdevallia
Add+ Masd decumana Species Masdevallia
Add+ Masd ephippium Species Masdevallia

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