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Orchid Group Zygos, Lycastes, Stanhopeas

Orchids of Group Zygos, Lycastes, Stanhopeas Most Popular in Cultivation
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Agn cyanea Species Aganisia
Add+ Ang cliftonii Species Anguloa
Add+ Ang clowesii Species Anguloa
Add+ Ang hohenlohii Species Anguloa
Add+ Angcst Apollo clowesii x Imschootiana Angulocaste
Add+ Angcst Olympus Apollo x Sunrise Angulocaste
Add+ Angcst Paul Gripp Auburn x Olympus Angulocaste
Add+ Kefst tolimensis Species Kefersteinia
Add+ Lmc Aquila Brugensis x Jason Lycamerlycaste
Add+ Lmc Brugensis gigantea x virginalis Lycamerlycaste
Add+ Lyc Always virginalis x Sunrise Lycaste
Add+ Lyc aromatica Species Lycaste
Add+ Lyc Auburn Balliae x Sunrise Lycaste
Add+ Lyc Balliae macrophylla x virginalis Lycaste
Add+ Lyc brevispatha Species Lycaste
Add+ Lyc campbellii Species Lycaste
Add+ Lyc candida Species Lycaste
Add+ Lyc Capricorn lasioglossa x Wyld Court Lycaste
Add+ Lyc Chita Melody Hamana Wine x Shoalhaven Lycaste
Add+ Lyc Chita Sunset Shoalhaven x Wyld Sunset Lycaste

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