Orchid Genus Doritaenopsis

Doritis x Phalaenopsis

Grexes of Genus Doritaenopsis Most Popular in Cultivation

152062 10797 27834 17572 57783 145986 72928 3606 194040 43800 93257 2796 92183 90999 155470
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Dtps Acker's Sweetie Ho's French Fantasia x Taisuco Candystripe Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Alice Loeb Melanie Beard x James McPherson Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Anna-Larati Soekardi pulcherrima x parishii Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Autumn Leaves Gorgeous Gold x amboinensis Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Autumn Sun Prospector's Dream x Autumn Leaves Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Beauty Sheena Moyo Beauty x Moyo Baby Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Brother Little Hatter Be Tris x City Girl Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Brother Success Rose Valentine x Strawberry Sugar Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Charm Sun Big Red Robe Shiuh-Dong Lucky Girl x I-Hsin Cinderella Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chiada Kitty Sogo Tris x Little Gem Stripes Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chiada Patrick Jungo Magenta x Chian Xen Pearl Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chian-Huey Red Rose Taisuco Firebird x New Cinderella Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chian Xen Magpie Chian Xen Pearl x Tinny White Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chian Xen Mammon Chian Xen Pearl x Mount Beauty Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chian Xen Pearl Ching Hua Spring x Nobby's Pink Lady Doritaenopsis

Grexes of Genus Doritaenopsis by First Letter of Name

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