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Orchid Group Phalaenopsis, Doritis

Orchids of Group Phalaenopsis, Doritis Most Popular in Cultivation
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Dtps Acker's Sweetie Ho's French Fantasia x Taisuco Candystripe Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Alice Loeb Melanie Beard x James McPherson Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Anna-Larati Soekardi pulcherrima x parishii Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Autumn Leaves Gorgeous Gold x amboinensis Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Autumn Sun Prospector's Dream x Autumn Leaves Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Beauty Sheena Moyo Beauty x Moyo Baby Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Brother Little Hatter Be Tris x City Girl Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Brother Success Rose Valentine x Strawberry Sugar Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Charm Sun Big Red Robe Shiuh-Dong Lucky Girl x I-Hsin Cinderella Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chiada Kitty Sogo Tris x Little Gem Stripes Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chiada Patrick Jungo Magenta x Chian Xen Pearl Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chian-Huey Red Rose Taisuco Firebird x New Cinderella Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chian Xen Magpie Chian Xen Pearl x Tinny White Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chian Xen Mammon Chian Xen Pearl x Mount Beauty Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chian Xen Pearl Ching Hua Spring x Nobby's Pink Lady Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chian Xen Piano Jiuhbao Victoria x Chian Xen Mammon Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chian Xen Queen Chia Lin x Mount Beauty Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chian Xen Sweet Valentine Sogo Davis x Rose Valentine Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Chian Xen Violin Chian Xen Pearl x Yu Pin Burgundy Doritaenopsis
Add+ Dtps Ching Ann Diamond Ching Ann Rose x Sun Jye Diamond Doritaenopsis

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