Orchid Genus Miltonia


Grexes of Genus Miltonia Most Popular in Cultivation

174272 17765 12526 129826 15808 113575 176777 201970 67532 12540 129396 12552 12558 206785 129400 49171 98734 12570 12571 51275 155656 17801
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Milt Anne Warne Bluntii x spectabilis Miltonia
Add+ Milt Belle Glade Castanea x Lanikai Miltonia
Add+ Milt Bluntii spectabilis x clowesii Miltonia
Add+ Milt candida Species Miltonia
Add+ Milt Castanea clowesii x regnellii Miltonia
Add+ Milt clowesii Species Miltonia
Add+ Milt Festiva spectabilis x flavescens Miltonia
Add+ Milt flavescens Species Miltonia
Add+ Milt Goodale Moir flavescens x clowesii Miltonia
Add+ Milt Guanabara Anne Warne x regnellii Miltonia
Add+ Milt Honolulu Gayety x Anne Warne Miltonia
Add+ Milt Lanikai Victoria x Minas Gerais Miltonia
Add+ Milt Minas Gerais Anne Warne x candida Miltonia
Add+ Milt moreliana Species Miltonia
Add+ Milt regnellii Species Miltonia
Add+ Milt roezlii Species Miltonia
Add+ Milt schroederiana Species Miltonia
Add+ Milt Seminole Blood Parana x spectabilis Miltonia
Add+ Milt Seminole Sand Seminole Blood x Sand Cut Miltonia
Add+ Milt spectabilis Species Miltonia
Add+ Milt warscewiczii Species Miltonia
Add+ Milt William Kirch Bluntii x regnellii Miltonia

Grexes of Genus Miltonia by First Letter of Name

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