Orchid Genus Trichocentrum


Grexes of Genus Trichocentrum Most Popular in Cultivation

22663 211571 53261 44206 129948 125528 9807 185662 3992 200150 116462 199599
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Trt aurisasinorum Species Trichocentrum
Add+ Trt carthagenense Species Trichocentrum
Add+ Trt cebolleta Species Trichocentrum
Add+ Trt Haematochilum grex lanceanum x luridum Trichocentrum
Add+ Trt jonesianum Species Trichocentrum
Add+ Trt Josephine Haematochilum grex x lanceanum Trichocentrum
Add+ Trt lanceanum Species Trichocentrum
Add+ Trt lindenii Species Trichocentrum
Add+ Trt luridum Species Trichocentrum
Add+ Trt microchilum Species Trichocentrum
Add+ Trt splendidum Species Trichocentrum
Add+ Trt stramineum Species Trichocentrum

Grexes of Genus Trichocentrum by First Letter of Name

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