Orchid Genus Zygopetalum


Grexes of Genus Zygopetalum Most Popular in Cultivation

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Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Z Advance Australia Titanic x Helen-Ku Zygopetalum
Add+ Z Artur Elle Blackii x B. G. White Zygopetalum
Add+ Z B. G. White Blackii x mackayi Zygopetalum
Add+ Z Blackii crinitum x Perrenoudii Zygopetalum
Add+ Z Blue Eyes Helen-Ku x maxillare Zygopetalum
Add+ Z bolivianum Species Zygopetalum
Add+ Z crinitum Species Zygopetalum
Add+ Z gautieri Species Zygopetalum
Add+ Z Helen-Ku maxillare x Blackii Zygopetalum
Add+ Z Inky Dink John Banks x Blackii Zygopetalum
Add+ Z intermedium Species Zygopetalum
Add+ Z John Banks Blackii x crinitum Zygopetalum
Add+ Z jugosum Species Zygopetalum
Add+ Z Kiwi Choice Titanic x B. G. White Zygopetalum
Add+ Z mackayi Species Zygopetalum
Add+ Z maculatum Species Zygopetalum
Add+ Z maxillare Species Zygopetalum
Add+ Z Perrenoudii intermedium x maxillare Zygopetalum
Add+ Z Redvale Titanic x Artur Elle Zygopetalum
Add+ Z rostratum Species Zygopetalum
Add+ Z Titanic John Banks x B. G. White Zygopetalum

Grexes of Genus Zygopetalum by First Letter of Name

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