B. nodosa in Cultivation by Members

Found 30 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Adam Almeida B. nodosa 'Minnie Mouse' This is a novel dwarf form of B. nodosa. The leaves grow to about half the size of typical B. nodosa leaves. The flowers remain around the same size, however. Blooms look especially showy on such a... Read more Growing in a 3-inch plastic basket with a coarse bark and perlite mix. Hanging about one foot below 60% shade cloth and watered nearly every day.
Alessandra Longoni B. nodosa Bark - in basket
Andrea Robold B. nodosa
Annette scardina B. nodosa
Ashley Simon B. nodosa Arrived 9/11/20. 3 flower spikes emerging as of 10/30/20. Potted in Leca.
Ashley Simon B. nodosa var. 'Minnie Mouse' A seedling. Potted in very small Leca. Surface of Leca covered with sphagnum moss.
Carol Holdren B. nodosa 'Minnie Mouse' This is mounted on wood. Gift from Bill Thoms. This is a great miniature Brassavola nodosa.
Chase Hubbard B. nodosa
Clyde Montgomery II B. nodosa
Clyde Montgomery II B. nodosa
Craig Burey B. nodosa
Fred Hoffmann B. nodosa
Gheri Lockwood B. nodosa
G. K. B. nodosa
G. K. B. nodosa 'Susan Fuchs'
gladys pérez-almiroty B. nodosa
Jardin GrisCar B. nodosa
Jeanne Uzar Hudson B. nodosa
John Appelbaum B. nodosa
John Small B. nodosa ''H&R' 4N x 'Mas Mejor'' white flower, green sepals, probably one of the best known species, fragrant at night. I have been told there are some who believe that 'Mas Major' is not B. nodosa, but is B. grandiflora. Growing in a six inch wooden basket with broken clay pots, charcoal and some fir bark. Four or more flower spikes.
John Small B. nodosa 'Remar x Mas Mejor' Flowers are barely one inch across, first blooming. Second blooming 3-2021, flowers are much bigger with nice shape. A piece broke off from the plant when I was repotting it into a net pot with my ... Read more Both are growing in net pots with fir bark, charcoal and vermiculite
Laura Schulte B. nodosa
Laura Urban B. nodosa The Knobby Brassavola, Lady of the Night. Medium sized, hot growing epiphyte or lithophyte, found in low-lying coastal regions, below 500m, as growing on trees in lowland rainforests and mangrove s... Read more LIGHT: Level of 25000-35000 lux. When the light intensity is higher, you need to ensure high humidity and significant air movement. TEMP: The average temperature in the summer at 89F, at night 72-7... Read more
Lida Sheppard B. nodosa var. Little Stars
Linda Anderson B. nodosa
Lois Lane B. nodosa 'Granilosa'
Mary Lane B. nodosa
michael j cook jr B. nodosa
Michelle S. Jones B. nodosa 50-80% humidity; watered after dry (1-2x/week, more in summer if necessary); southeast window, shaded; 65-80 degrees F; fertilized quarter strength liquid fertilizer 1x/month
nikki bauman B. nodosa