Orchid Genus Phalaenopsis


Grexes of Genus Phalaenopsis Most Popular in Cultivation

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Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Phal Abendrot Lippezauber x Lippstadt Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal Abram McAndless Redport x Percy Porter Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal Acker's Sweetie Ho's French Fantasia x Taisuco Candystripe Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal Aglow Jubilee x Zada Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal Ai Gold Kathleen Ai x Golden Buddha Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal Alice Gloria Ramona x Grace Palm Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal Alice Loeb Melanie Beard x James McPherson Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal Allegria Wilma Hughes x Alice Gloria Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal Allspice Spica x amboinensis Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal Alysha's Delight Double Delight x Alysha's Rose Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal amabilis Species Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal amboinensis Species Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal Ambomanniana amboinensis x lueddemanniana Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal Ambonosa venosa x amboinensis Phalaenopsis
Add+ Phal Ambotrana sumatrana x amboinensis Phalaenopsis

Grexes of Genus Phalaenopsis by First Letter of Name

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