Honolulu Orchid Society, Inc.

9 28 2019 10 19 32 am
9 9 2018 12 01 00 pm
Lanakila Elementary School Cafetorium
717 N. Kuakini Street
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96817
United States
(808) 587-4466
Meets second Wednesday of each month except January where there is no meeting.

Upcoming Organization Events

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Past Organization Events

Honolulu Orchid Society Show "Celebrating 80 Years of Orchids"

Honolulu Orchid Society Show "Celebrating 80 Years of Orchids" is being held October 11 - 13, 2019 at the Washington Middle School Cafeteria, 1633 S. King St., Honolulu, HI. This event will not have AOS judging.

Honolulu Orchid Society Show

The 2018 Honolulu Orchid Society Show is being co-chaired by Kate Leonard and Adam Almeida.  If you have any questions about the Show, feel free to contact them at [email protected]

Honolulu Orchid Society, Inc. Meeting

Dr. Koon-Hui Wang of the University of Hawaii will discuss orchid pest management with a focus on insectary plants.  Come to the meeting and learn the secrets of insectary plants.

The admin for Honolulu Orchid Society, Inc. is Melvin Waki.