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The International Orchid Foundation is happy to announce the publishing of 71 articles written by Ken Slump, long time orchid grower and judge.  The content contains a weath of information, especially for beginner growers.  We are listing the articles below for your enjoyment.  Click any title to access the article.

Title Synopsys
A Special Lady (Mickey Carmichael) The Influence of a Raffle-Table Orchid Plant
Across the Centuries 1 The Story of Orchids Parallels Much of the General History of Recent Times
Across the Centuries 2 After Rising in Popularity in Great Britain, Orchid Passion Arrives in the United States
Beginners Start Here A 12-Step Plan for Becoming a Successful Orchid Grower
Breaking Up is Hard to Do Tackling the Big Job of Dividing Overgrown Orchids Has Its Rewards
Buying Mature Plants Making a Case for Investing in Plants with Immediate Rewards
Containing Your Enthusiasm Providing for the Requirements of Plant Root Systems
Easy Orchids Suggestions for Choosing Plants Requiring Minimal Care
Food for Thought (Fertilizing) Hobbyists Often Tailor Fertilizer Needs to Their Orchid Collections
Garden Variety Orchids Selections for Growing Outdoors in Tropical and Temperate Regions
Gifts for the Orchid Lover Wrap Up Your Shopping Early, Then Enjoy the Holidays Yourself
Go Wild (Orchid Species) 13 Orchid Species You Can Grow
Good Grooming How to Make Your Orchids Look Their Best
Good News (Soc. Newsletters) Society Newsletters Gear Up to Deliver the Scoop in a Timely Fashion
Green Without Envy Myriad Interpretations on a Single theme
Grown-up Orchids Beginning with Mature Plants Offers Advantages
Haunting Orchids Form Conspires with Color To Impart Intrigue to Orchid Flowers
Having the Blues Searching for Orchids with Flowers Offering this Coveted Hue
Hybrid Hype Searching for Colorful Choices from Thousands of Possibilities
In the Mix Potting Media for Orchids are as Diverse as the Growers
Inside Out It’s Time to Move Orchids Outdoors for Summer
Join the Mounties Mimicking How Some Orchids Grow in Nature Leads to Spectacular Results
Judgement Day Recognizing Excellence in Orchids
Just Peachy Art-Shade Flowers Decorate Hybrids in Several Genera
Lazy Days Tips for the Time-Challenged Orchid Grower
Lessons from the Rainforest Native Habitats Contain Clues to Cultural Needs for Orchids
Lessons from the Roots Plants Offer Clues to Their Repotting Needs
Let the Buyer Beware Savvy Shoppers Check a Plant Top to Bottom Before Making a Purchase
Lips Sweeter than Wine Orchid Flowers with a Painterly Touch Garner Praise
Look to Any Window Suggestions for Growing Orchids Inside the Home
Master Planning How to Make Your Collection Work for You
Monstrous Orchid (Peloric) Love Them or Hate Them, Peloric orchid Flowers Grab Attention
More Bang for the Buck Choosing Orchids that Offer Flowers Galore
Multiplication by Division When Repotting, Consider the Benefits of Dividing Orchids
My Orchid-Show Box A Convenient Way to Transport Display Supplies to the Show
Nine Ladies Dancing (Oncidiums) An Oncidium by Any Other Name Is Still a Delight to Grow and Flower
Orchid Companions (Bromeliads) Bromeliads Make Good Plants to Grow with your Orchids
Orchids' Scents Flowers Stimulate the Senses with Fragrances Ranging from Foul to Flattering
Orderly Orchids (Sequential Bloomers) Sequentially Flowering Species and Hybrids Extend the Blooming Season
Out of Africa Orchid Riches from a Continent Where Almost Every Type of Climate is Represented
Performance Anxiety Determining What your Orchids Need to do Their Best
Popular Acclaim 11 Orchids Often Recognized by AOS Judges
Predictions from the Medium Ingredients to Use when Making a Potting Mix for Orchids
Reading the Leaves Examining Plants Closely Offers a Clue to Health
Recognizing Excellence Details in the Flowers Can Indicate Award Winners
Seeing the Light Indoors or Outside, Proper Exposure Coaxes Orchids to Flower
Shooting Stars and Everlasting Orchids Offer a Range of Flower Longevity
Shopping List What to Look for When Buying an Orchid Plant
Showstoppers Energizing an Orchid Show with User-Friendly Touches
Small Wonders Tempting Choices to Grow Where Space is Limited
Smart Pest Prevention Common-Sense Pest Management Ideas You Can Use
Staking Orchid Flowers Materials and Techniques for Proper Presentation of Orchids in Bloom 
Support Your Local Orchids (Species) Exploring for Orchids in Their Native Haunts
The Art of Culling Improving Your Collection Through the Careful Process of Elimination
The Catt House Cattleyas Set the standard by Which Other Genera Can Be Grown
The Name Game Getting a Handle on Latin Nomenclature in the Orchid World
The Orchids of Summer Searching for Hybrids and Species that Flower During the Summertime
The Power of Paphs Slipper Orchids Cast a Spell Over Those Seeking the Unusual
The V Word (Viruses) A Troubling Problem for Orchids Growers
Theme and Variations (Show Displays) Varied Interpretations Heighten an Orchid Show’s Display
Thermal Dynamics The Influence of Temperature Requirements Among Orchids
Tips, Facts and Home Remedies Two Enthusiasts Share Ideas Concerning Orchids
To the Point Terete-Leaved Orchids are Candidates for Bright Light
Tools of the Trade Gearing Up with Two Gadgets to Grow Better Orchids
Tree Dwellers (Dendrobiums) Dendrobiums Offer Myriad Choices in Plant Size and Flower Color
Twisted Sisters Orchids with Extraordinary Petals
Vintage Orchid Books A Rich History Awaits Those Who Look for Out-of-Print Volumes
Volunteers Needed Sign Up for a Worthy Cause
Waiting for Stanhope Wire Baskets and Mounts Allow These New World Orchids to Flower Naturally
What Goes Around (Wardian Cases) A Revival of the Wardian Case Sparks Interest Among Orchid Enthusiasts
Your Local Orchid Society Join, Participate and Discover New Flowers and Friends
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