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Adding an Unregistered Cross to the OrchidWiz Journal


by Alex Maximiano

Posted by Alex Maximiano 8 months ago.

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To add an Orchid to your journal that is not registered search for one of the parents. For example You want to enter C. Lulu x C. Angel’s Fantasy. Select Cattleyas from the group Name box found in the upper right side of the start tab. Click the Select button.

A new tab, the Group tab will open. Enter "lulu" in the box above the Orchid List table. Click on C. Lulu. In the center of the page is a Find Cross Box.

Click the cross with button and then type Angel’s. Click on Angel’s Fantasy. In the yellow Find Cross box it will have in red letters '”Unregistered Cross” To the far right click the "My Plant" button.

Modify any and all of the fields.  Click Add Plant.  Select update button to save every time you change data.  If you come back to this tab and make changes, please make sure you click the update plant button. 


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