Odontoglossum harryanum

Oncidium Alliance

by Henry Williams

Originally published in The Orchid Grower's Manual

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This article references Odm. harryanum.
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O. HARRYANUM, Rchb.f.—An extraordinary species, which, when introduced in 1886, came as a great surprise to the Orchid growers of this country. The particular spot in the United States of Colombia where it grows has been many times visited by Orchid collectors, and it is surprising that such a beauty should have been overlooked. It is an evergreen species, with oblong, ovate, compressed pseudobulbs, smooth when young, becoming furrowed with age, 3 inches or more high, pale green; leaves produced in pairs, 6 to 12 inches long, somewhat coriaceous; scape erect, manyflowered; flowers 3 to 5 inches in diameter; sepals elliptic-oblong, broader than the petals, deep chestnut-brown, transversely streaked and bordered with either rich yellow or greenish-yellow; petals oblong and curved, deep chestnut-brown, longitudinally striped in the basal halves with purplish-mauve and margined with yellow; the lip is most extraordinary both in shape and colour; it is large, oblong-oval, three-lobed; lateral lobes curved upwards, ground colour white, heavily streaked with feathery lines of bluish-purple, the crest being much fringed and of a rich deep yellow; anterior lobe somewhat cordate, pure white, which soon changes to yellow. It was first introduced by Rodriguez Pautosha, who sent it to Messrs. Horseman & Co., of Colchester. It blooms at different seasons of the year, and we find the temperature of the Cattleya house suits it best.— U.S. of Colombia

Fia.—Gard. Citron.. 3rd ser., 1887, ii. p. 169, f. 41: Journ. Of Hort., 1887, xv. p. 87, f. 9; The Garden, 1888. xxxiii. p. 76, t 633; Orchid Album viii. t. 366; Reichenbachia, ii. t. 49 ; Lindenia, iii. t. 142 ; Veitch's Man. Orch. Pl., i. p. 37; L’Orchidophile, 1890, p. 209 (plate) ; Revue Hort. Belge, 1893, p. 39, t. 4.

O. HARRYANUM FLAVESCENS, Rolfe.—This distinct variety was first flowered by the late A.Wilson, Esq., of Sheffield. “The sepals are deep yellow, the petals similar but with white veins near the base, the lip pale primrose with base and crest deep yellow."—U.S. of Colombia.

O. HARRYANUM, Mr. Wilson’s variety.—A handsome and distinct variety, which flowered in the collection of Robert Wilson, Esq., of Mayfield, Falkirk. " The sepals are intense blackish-maroon, the yellow transverse markings and the yellow margin being almost entirely absent, while the same may be said of the petals; in the lip the maroon markings of the side lobes are more pronounced than usual" (R. A. Rolfe, in Gardeners' Chronicle, 3rd ser., 1888, iii. P.522). — U.S. of Colombia.

O. HARRYANUM PAVONIUM, Rchb. f.—This novelty was first flowered by Messrs. J. Backhouse & Son, of York. "The ground-colour may be called Indian-purple; the sepals, which prove even more curious than the petals, have wood markings of angulate circles and bars of ochre-colour; where they are broadest there are certain lighter brown lines in the center of the ochre-coloured ones; the petals are similar, but the much broken lines are narrower and without the inner colour and without circular markings; the markings may be compared to those of the peacock, though the colours are different. It has a delightful perfume” (H.G. Reichenbach, in Gardeners’ Chronicle, 3rd ser., 1889, v. p. 428). —U.S. of Colombia.

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