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Orchis militaris flowers

Orchids - A Brief Introduction

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Our earth is adorned with millions of beautiful specimens of flora and fauna, the plant group ‘orchids’ is one of them. They have probably been around much before man appeared on earth. Many ancien... Read More
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The Way Our Orchids Get Their Names

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Each one of us has a unique identity. To define this identity, we have devised a system of names. Naming is not just confined to humans; even animals such as dolphins are known to give names to eac... Read More
375px 2007 12 17adventflowershop02

Growing Orchids as Houseplants

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Orchids are the plants of wild, difficult to understand. But once you get to know their simple needs, not only do they grow happily they also become addictive. You can grow them outdoors or as hous... Read More

The Orchid Flower

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Plants use their flowers to attract attention of their pollinators, which include the likes of birds, bees, bats etc. But mind it, we figure nowhere in their scheme of things and are rather a nuisa... Read More
800px phalaenopsis orchid

Orchids Are the Ideal Plants to Grow

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago Orchids are ideal plants to grow in almost every domain, be it your home (inside or outside) or office. Read on to know why orchids are ideal for growing not only for commercial growers but for hob... Read More
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Orchid Myths

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago With so many myths attached to orchids, most of us are afraid to grow them, even when we are fascinated by them. Actually, it is easy to grow these plants. When growing orchids, the natural habitat... Read More
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Pots For Orchids

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago We all love our orchids and only the best would do for them. But how to judge what is the best, when out buying pots for orchids? There is a huge variety of pots available in the market and to choo... Read More
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Where, When And What Orchids To Buy

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago The best place to know more about orchids is an orchid show. For beginners a visit to orchid shows is a must. Not only are different orchids on display but also a lot of information is available on... Read More
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How Long to Bloom?

Posted by Sys Admin over 7 years ago Joyce Kelly found this good information in a 1982 Jones & Scully catalog. Pot size in standard size plants can help you guess when the plants may bloom. This is part of that chart: Pot Size…... Read More


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