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Orchid doctor

ANGRAECUMS: Minimum Optimums

Posted by Sys Admin over 3 years ago 55 degrees F. at night; 50% relative humidity; 2,000 fcs. winter, 4,000 fcs. summer. AU71-135 Read More
Veitchii 03

Angraecum Veitchii "The First"

Posted by Tom Kuligowski over 3 years ago      Who was John Seden?  He was a horticulturist working for the Veitch Nurseries in the Southwest part of England in the late 1800s and into the early 1900s.  John was a hybridizer that was respo... Read More
Magoebaskloof 03 bbbbbb

Angraecoids of South Africa

Posted by Tom Kuligowski over 3 years ago        Over the last fourteen years, I have had the opportunity to meet numerous people from all parts of the globe that have a passion for Angraecoids.  Meeting some in person and others via the i... Read More
Dendrophylax lindenii 01 2008

The Ghost Orchid, Into the Slough

Posted by Tom Kuligowski over 3 years ago        I would like to introduce a new guest writer that submitted an article pertaining to Dendrophylax lindenii; commonly referred to as the "Ghost Orchid".  I thank Wendy Mazuk for taking the ti... Read More
007 1st blooms 2014 %281%29

Angraecum Longiscott

Posted by Tom Kuligowski over 3 years ago Longiscott is the Angraecoid that started it all.  My first bloomed in the summer 0f 2000.  The above plant is one from a batch I obtained from H & R Orchids about two years ago.  This plant is... Read More
Microcoelia stolzii combo 01

Microcoelia stolzii

Posted by Tom Kuligowski over 3 years ago Microcoelia stolzii, found throughout the south eastern coast into the south central sections of Africa.  Mic. stolzii grows on twigs and branches in evergreen forests and woodlands within a high r... Read More

Plectrelminthus caudatus

Posted by Tom Kuligowski over 3 years ago      Plectrelminthus caudatus was at one time also called Angrcaecum caudatum, however it is still part of the Angcraecum alliance.  It is the only species in the genus.  It's origin is West Africa... Read More
13 oenla polystachys 03

Oeniella polystachys

Posted by Tom Kuligowski over 3 years ago In February of 2013, I added a post dealing with the culture I use to grow Oeoniella polystachys. Over the last month and a half, I have received numerous emails from hobbyists and growers regardin... Read More
13 aerangis mystacidii %281%29

Aerangis mystacidii

Posted by Tom Kuligowski over 3 years ago Aerangis mystacidii, the image on the left is just now starting to bloom.  It is a plant that was a part of a group I obtained two years ago.  The image on the right is that of a plant that bloomed... Read More
51 neobathiea perrieri 01

Neobathiea perrieri

Posted by Tom Kuligowski over 3 years ago Photo caption above: Neobathiea perrieri, the flower is about 2 inches (5.1cm) high, 1.5 inches (3.9cm) wide and the nectary    is 4 inches (10cm) long;  the plant is mounted to a small cube of cor... Read More


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