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Support Your Local Orchids (Species)

Author is Ken Slump, posted about 3 years ago Exploring for Orchids in Their Native Haunts THERE IS NO QUESTION THAT THE family Orchidaceae has achieved its greatest diversity and boldest expression in the tropical and subtropical regions... Read More

Small Wonders

Author is Ken Slump, posted about 3 years ago Tempting Choices to Grow Where Space is Limited MANY POPULAR ORCHID SPECIES and their hybrids eventually grow to become sizeable plants. While a specimen-size standard cattleya or angraecum in... Read More

Orderly Orchids (Sequential Bloomers)

Posted by Sys Admin about 3 years ago Sequentially Flowering Species and Hybrids Extend the Blooming Season IF YOU ARE LIKE MOST OF US AND want to have some orchids flowering at all times, the orchid species and hybrids with a seq... Read More

Lessons from the Rainforest

Author is Ken Slump, posted about 3 years ago Native Habitats Contain Clues to Cultural Needs for Orchids THE MAJOR PARTS OF SEVERAL continents that lie between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn make up the tropics, an important portion... Read More

Go Wild (Orchid Species)

Author is Ken Slump, posted about 3 years ago 13 Orchid Species You Can Grow ORCHID SPECIES FREQUENTLY have the undeserved reputation of being difficult-to-cultivate prima donnas with ordinary flowers. If you share that philosophy, here i... Read More

Catasetum lendarium nv. sp 2020

Posted by Ariel Blind about 4 years ago New orchid from Amazonian Read More

Ten Unique And Mysterious Orchids

Author is Anu Dharmani, posted almost 7 years ago Beautiful flowers are the orchids' main attraction. The orchids flowers are very unique in their structure and have a myriad of colours. Though, the floral structure of orchid flowers does follow a... Read More

Orchid Growing Regions Around the World

Author is Anu Dharmani, posted over 7 years ago Orchids find mention in many ancient texts. However, the modern world rediscovered them in 1800’s, when British explorers came across these beautiful plants in the forests of their colonies in Sout... Read More

Arundina Graminifolia - The Bamboo Orchid

Author is Anu Dharmani, posted over 7 years ago Arundina graminifolia is a common perennial terrestrial orchid from the tropical Asia. In its natural environment Arundina graminifolia grows in open sunny areas. A large number of these orchids ca... Read More

Rhynchostylis retusa - The Foxtail Orchid

Author is Anu Dharmani, posted over 7 years ago It is also known by the names of Aerides spicatum, Epidendrum retusum, Gastrochilus retusa, Saccolabium berkeleyi and Saccolabium guttatum. It is commonly known by the name of ‘foxtail orchid’. Wom... Read More


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