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Orchid Species: Aurinocidium divaricatum

Kew currently accepted name is Grandiphyllum divaricatum
Aurinocidium divaricatum is an orchid species identified by (Lindl.) Romowicz & Szlach. in 2006.
Aurinocidium (Aurinocidium.)
(Lindl.) Romowicz & Szlach.
ORIGIN: Found in Brazil on the moist slopes of the coastal mountains near the crests at elevations of 1500 meters.

DESCRIPTION: Small to medium sized, cold to cool growing epiphyte with suborbicular, strongly compressed, yellow green, discoid pseudobulbs carrying a single, apical, narrowly oblong to oblong-elliptic, coriaceous, suberect, obtuse leaf that blooms in the fall on a paniculate, 4' to 6'8 [120 to 200 cm] long, dull purple inflorescence with 6 to 15 branches, each branch 3 to 10 flowering and having narrowly ovate, very acute floral bracts and carrying scented or not flowers.

FLOWER SIZE: 1 inch [2.5 cm] -- information provided by Jay Pfahl, author of the Internet Orchid Species Encyclopedia (IOSPE).
Other Names
Genus Name Genus Grex Name Year Author
Add+ Grandiphyllum Gdp divaricatum 2006 (Lindl.) Docha Neto
Add+ Aurinocidium Aurinocidium pulvinatum 2006 (Lindl.) Romowicz & Szlach.
Add+ Aurinocidium Aurinocidium sphegiferum 2006 (Lindl.) Romowicz & Szlach.
Add+ Grandiphyllum Gdp pulvinatum 2006 (Lindl.) Docha Neto
Add+ Grandiphyllum Gdp robustissimum 2006 (Rchb.f.) Docha Neto
Add+ Grandiphyllum Gdp sphegiferum 2006 (Lindl.) Docha Neto
Add+ Oncidium Onc pulvinatum 1838 Lindl.
Add+ Oncidium Onc robustissimum 1888 Rchb.f.
Add+ Oncidium Onc sciurus 1839 Scheidw.
Add+ Oncidium Onc sphegiferum 1843 Lindl.
Add+ Oncidium Onc divaricatum 1827 (Lindl.) Beer
Add+ Aurinocidium Aurinocidium robustissimum 2006 (Rchb.f.) Romowicz & Szlach.
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