Orchid Group Vandaceous (excluding Phals)

Orchids of Group Vandaceous (excluding Phals) Most Popular in Cultivation
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Sarco weinthalii Species Sarcochilus
Add+ Sei mitrata Species Seidenfadenia
Add+ Trgl atropurpurea Species Trichoglottis
Add+ Trgl fasciata Species Trichoglottis
Add+ V ampullacea Species Vanda
Add+ V bensonii Species Vanda
Add+ V brunnea Species Vanda
Add+ V coerulea Species Vanda
Add+ V coerulescens Species Vanda
Add+ V cristata Species Vanda
Add+ V curvifolia Species Vanda
Add+ V dearei Species Vanda
Add+ V denisoniana Species Vanda
Add+ V falcata Species Vanda
Add+ V flabellata Species Vanda
Add+ V insignis Species Vanda
Add+ V lamellata Species Vanda
Add+ V lilacina Species Vanda
Add+ V limbata Species Vanda
Add+ V liouvillei Species Vanda

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