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Orchid Group Dendrobiums

Orchids of Group Dendrobiums Most Popular in Cultivation
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Den bigibbum Species Dendrobium
Add+ Den Black Mountain Agnes Ann x Anouk Dendrobium
Add+ Den Black Spider gouldii x Halawa Beauty Dendrobium
Add+ Den Blue Bonnet May Neal x Blue Boy Dendrobium
Add+ Den Blue Sparkle Blue Chip x gouldii Dendrobium
Add+ Den Blue Twinkle Betty Goto x canaliculatum Dendrobium
Add+ Den Brinawa Charm Peewee x kingianum Dendrobium
Add+ Den Brolga Peewee x Hilda Poxon Dendrobium
Add+ Den Brown Derby Jaquelyn Thomas x schulleri Dendrobium
Add+ Den Burana Fancy Yong Kok Wah x Madame Vipa Dendrobium
Add+ Den Burana Green Chittraphong x Yong Kok Wah Dendrobium
Add+ Den Burana Jade Bangkok Green x Burana Fancy Dendrobium
Add+ Den Burana Pearl Hirota White x Burana Stripe Dendrobium
Add+ Den Burana Stripe Thanaid Stripes x Chorthip Ohashi Dendrobium
Add+ Den Burana White Adisakdi White x Hirota White Dendrobium
Add+ Den Burgundy Cream Peewee x Dot Sheen Dendrobium
Add+ Den Burmese Ruby Norma Jackson x Bobby Mesina Dendrobium
Add+ Den Caesar phalaenopsis x stratiotes Dendrobium
Add+ Den canaliculatum Species Dendrobium
Add+ Den Candy Stripe Dianne McFarlane x Margaret Joan Fell Dendrobium

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