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Orchid Group Dendrobiums

Orchids of Group Dendrobiums Most Popular in Cultivation
Genus Grex Name Cross Genus Name
Add+ Den carronii Species Dendrobium
Add+ Den Cassiope moniliforme x nobile Dendrobium
Add+ Den Chao Phya River Kasetsart x Malee-Kanya Dendrobium
Add+ Den Chao Praya Candy Penang Candy x Chao Praya Gem Dendrobium
Add+ Den Chao Praya Gem Madame Thong-In x Pinky Dendrobium
Add+ Den Christmas Chime Ailing x Red Star Dendrobium
Add+ Den chrysopterum Species Dendrobium
Add+ Den chrysotoxum Species Dendrobium
Add+ Den Circe Alice Chong x Vera Patterson Dendrobium
Add+ Den C. K. Ai May Neal x Hula Girl Dendrobium
Add+ Den Class Lorikeet x x speciokingianum Dendrobium
Add+ Den Classic Gem D'Bush Classic x Gemwood Dendrobium
Add+ Den Cleopatra Diamond Head Beauty x Owen Dendrobium
Add+ Den Cobber Aussie Treat x Candice Dendrobium
Add+ Den cochliodes Species Dendrobium
Add+ Den Colonial Surprise Aussie Angel x Aussie Ira Dendrobium
Add+ Den Comet King New Comet x Wave King Dendrobium
Add+ Den Constance discolor x lasianthera Dendrobium
Add+ Den convolutum Species Dendrobium
Add+ Den Corona Malones x Sao Paulo Dendrobium

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