130392 Den. teretifolium 'Z' photo by D.O.G. (Germany O.S.)
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Orchid Species: Dockrillia teretifolia

Dockrillia teretifolia is an orchid species identified by This is a natural hybrid in 1981. Culture information and photos for this orchid are commonly detailed under the currently accepted name of Dendrobium teretifolium.
Dockrillia (Doc.)
This is a natural hybrid
Other Names
Genus Name Genus Grex Name Origin
Add+ Callista Callista teretifolia
Add+ Dendrobium Den teretifolium Kew accepted
Most cultivared/recent cultivars: Doc. teretifolia 'Melanie' (4 cultivars in 2009) Doc. teretifolia 'Yatte Yattah' (2 cultivars in 2008) Doc. teretifolia 'Beryl' (2 cultivars in 2006) Doc. teretifolia 'Olivia' (2 cultivars in 2000) Doc. teretifolia 'Enfield' (2 cultivars in 1998) Doc. teretifolia 'Emily' (2006) Doc. teretifolia 'Batemans Starburst' (2003) Doc. teretifolia 'Denise Margaret' (1999) Doc. teretifolia 'Dijo' (1998) Doc. teretifolia 'Jagerbe' (1998)
  1. George Dimos
    12 days ago
    Hi The photo Den. teretifolium 'Z' is a photo of a Den. shoeninum or ( Dockrillia shoenina)
    1. Sys Admin
      12 days ago
      Thanks, I'll correct that soon.
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